Graves County Grain Assistance Program


Governor Andy Beshear established the Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund to provide assistance to Kentuckians affected by the catastrophic weather events of December 10, and 11, 2021. Over 150,000 individuals and organizations have contributed to the fund, raising millions of dollars to assist in long-term recovery.     

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, Gov. Andy Beshear announced a new effort to help farmers in western Kentucky continue to fight through the aftermath of the December 2021 tornadoes. To offer some relief to the stress on local farmers due to the destruction of the Mayfield Grain Company, the Team Western Kentucky Relief Fund will provide a one-time assistance payment to eligible Kentucky farmers.

This website will walk you through the process for applying for this assistance. First, you must create a login account. This login will give you access to your account to check your status and provide additional documentation as needed. Please keep your login information and use the same account every time you access your application.

Who is Eligible?

Kentucky farmers who delivered grain to the Mayfield Grain Company in 2021 and remain in business in 2022.


What assistance can I expect?

Eligible farmers will receive a one-time assistance payment from the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund in the amount of $0.50 per bushel delivered to Mayfield Grain Company in 2021.


Is the assistance amount based on the number of bushels I hauled to Mayfield Grain Company, or the number of bushels I received payment for from Mayfield Grain Company?

The assistance payment is based on the net bushel amount documented on delivery sheets from Mayfield Grain Company where the delivery was dated in calendar year 2021.


What documents do I need to apply?

To complete this application you will need to provide basic contact and business information as well as the following documents:

  • Copy of state ID
  • A 2021 delivery sheet from the Mayfield Grain Company


  • A 2021 ticket summary issued by Mayfield Grain Company
  • Documentation of the delivery of your 2022 crop will be required by December 31, 2022. More details on this additional documentation below.

Can I take a picture of my documents and upload the picture?

Yes, but you must make sure your documents clearly show the date of the delivery and that the grain was delivered to Mayfield Grain Company. Partial or unclear documents will slow down processing.

Please upload additional documentation or add comments to clarify any information submitted such as partnership agreements or the location of your farm (if different from the business address.)


I am a local farmer and delivered grain to the Mayfield Grain Company in 2021, but my state ID is not from Kentucky. Can I still apply?

The state ID is being requested to verify the applicant’s identity.  Only Kentucky residents are eligible for assistance.


Are the landlord and the farmer/producer both eligible for assistance?

The Graves County Grain Assistance Program was established to provide assistance to local farmers for their additional transportation costs due to the loss of the Mayfield Grain Company grain elevator as a result of the severe weather events of December 10-11, 2021.  Since landlords will not directly incur additional transportation costs, only the farmer/producer are eligible for assistance.


I have a partnership farming arrangement.  Are all partners eligible for assistance?  If so, should one partner apply or should all partners apply?

All partners are eligible to apply.  Each partner should apply separately and indicate their portion of the delivery on the delivery sheet


The program guidelines require applicants, who receive assistance from the fund, to upload 2022 documentation of crop delivery by December 31, 2022.  I won’t completely deliver my crop by the end of the year, will this affect my award?

The documentation (delivery sheets, or ticket summaries) to be uploaded on or before December 31, 2022, is being required in order to verify 1) that the applicant remains in operation for Calendar Year 2022, and 2) that farming operations for 2022 were comparable to 2021.  We are mindful there are variables concerning when crops are harvested, delivered, and in types of crop.  Minor variations between 2021 and 2022 harvests will not impact eligibility for an award. 


How will I receive payment?

Checks will be issued directly to farmers who qualify. Please ensure all mailing and business information is correct on your application to receive prompt payment. Award recipients will be required to supply documentation of the delivery of your 2022 crop by December 31, 2022.


If my claim is denied, can I appeal?

Awards from the WKY Tornado Relief Fund Program are made purely as a matter of grace. As such, no appeals shall be accepted from an applicant to the WKY Tornado Relief Fund Program.


Is there a deadline to apply?

The application portal will close at 4pm EDT on August 15, 2022


Who can I contact if I have questions about my account?

Questions can be emailed to


There is no guarantee that applicants will receive funds, and distribution of any funds is subject to the terms and conditions specified herein.